Pratt & Whitney Wasp engine

Visible above the water is a 14 cylinder rotary aircraft engine.

Operation Kovi Moses team members inspected the wreckage of an aircraft in the water near the village of Gasmata, Weat New Britain, Papua New Guinea, to see if they could confirm the identity of the aircraft.. The wreckage is suspected to be that of Hudson bomber A16-101.

Operation Kovi Moses is the operation to search for the remains of the crew of the Hudson bomber A16-126. On 11 Feb 42, A16-126 was part of a formation of three RAAF Hudson bombers which attacked Japanese shipping at Gasmata harbour, New Britain, Papua New Guinea. Over the target, the RAAF bombers were intercepted by Japanese fighters. A16-126 was listed as “lost by enemy action”. In May 08, Air Force received information indicating that A16-126 had been found in remote jungle. On 28 Jun 08, an Air Force team confirmed that A16-126 had been found in remote jungle inland from Gasmata, New Britain. Air Force has contacted relatives of all four crew members.